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Traveling & Working Safely in a Challenging World

The world is an increasingly challenging place to understand, yet many of us travel to dangerous areas for work or pleasure. This program stresses pre-trip preparation and how to avoid becoming a victim of petty crime or kidnappings.

Regardless of your travel goals and activities, there are dangers anyone can face and, more importantly, proven techniques to minimize the threat of discomfort, running afoul of the law, robbery, terrorism and even being kidnapped. This seminar covers pre-travel research and considerations, packing efficiently, local currency issues, flying comfortably and safely, considerations when arrival in a new country, where to stay, hotel fire safety, inappropriate photographic subjects, maintaining situational awareness, avoiding becoming a victim of robbery, terrorism, or kidnappings, and handling trouble.

Most of us who have had the opportunity for extensive international travel, have found that people around the world are usually friendly and welcoming. However, there are people in every country who seek out unknowing, unaware and vulnerable travelers as a source of relatively easy money.