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US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Air & Marine (OAM) - Pilots, aircrews and marine officers. Participated on the instructor team for 77 courses: [Tim, Jeff, Ralph & Rich in front of CBP Blackhawk in Miami]

Training Offered:

  • PASS (Primary Aviation Survival Schools) Initial Course - Five-day course. Required within a year of employment
  • PASS Recurrent Course - Three-day course. Suggested every three to five years after an officer's PASS Initial course
  • Special Environment Training - On demand One to three-day courses - Tropical, Winter, Desert, Mountain, Vest and Open Water Survival

77 Courses Taught:

  • 2004 (2 courses) - Oklahoma City, OK Initial (two)
  • 2005 (5 courses) - Oklahoma City, OK Initial (one); Recurrent (three); & Plattsburgh, NY Winter Special Environment [CBP Air & Marine Patch]
  • 2006 (7 courses) - Bellingham, WA Recurrent; Buffalo, NY Recurrent; Great Falls, MT Recurrent; Jacksonville, FL Recurrent; Oklahoma City, OK Recurrent; Tucson, AZ Recurrent; & San Angelo, TX, Desert Special Environment 
  • 2007 (8 courses) - Buffalo, NY Recurrent; Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent (two); Great Fall, MT Initial; Jacksonville, FL Recurrent (two); Oklahoma City, OK Initial; & Tucson, AZ Initial
  • 2008 (8 courses) - Bellingham, WA Initial; Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent; El Centro, CA Initial; Jacksonville, FL, Initial; Oklahoma City, OK Initial; Plattsburgh, NY Recurrent; San Diego, CA Initial; & Tucson, AZ Initial
  • 2009 (13 courses) - Bellingham, WA Winter Special Environment; Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent (two); Detroit, MI Initial; Detroit, MI Open Water Special Environment; Great Falls, MT Initial; Houston, TX Recurrent; Jacksonville, FL Recurrent; Jacksonville, FL Initial; Oklahoma City, OK Initial (two); Miami, FL Vest and Raft Management Special Environment; & San Diego, CA Initial
  • 2010 (15 courses) - Buffalo, NY Initial (two); Buffalo, NY Winter Special Environment; Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent; Corpus Christi, TX Marine Initial (two); Grand Forks, ND Initial (two); Grand Forks, ND Winter Special Environment; Houlton, ME Initial; Houlton, ME Winter Special Environment; Oklahoma City, OK Initial (two); Puerto Rico, Initial; & St Augustine, FL Marine Operations Initial 
  • 2011 (8 courses) - Jacksonville, FL Recurrent (twice); Miami, FL Initial; Bellingham, WA Initial; Bellingham, WA, Open Water Special Environment; St Augustine, FL Initial; Oklahoma City, OK Initial; & Oklahoma City, OK Recurrent
  • 2012 (7 courses) - Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent; Jacksonville, FL Initial; Jacksonville, FL Recurrent; San Diego, CA Initial; & St Augustine, FL Initial (three)
  • 2013 (4 courses) - Corpus Christi, TX Recurrent; Jacksonville, FL Initial; Jacksonville, FL Recurrent; & St Augustine, FL Initial

US Coast Guard, Rescue Swimmer (Aviation Survival Technicians) program is made up of a small group of just over 300 highly [USCG Aviation Survival Technician Logo] trained SAR specialists. More like elite athletes, really. I was on the instructor team teaching 10 courses to approximately 180 swimmers.

Survival Courses  lasted for five days each, which included three days of field training:

  • Mountain and Cold Weather (Western Washington)
  • Desert and Hot Weather (Texas/New Mexico)
  • Tropical Survival (Puerto Rico)

10 Courses Taught:

  • 2004 (1 course) - Port Angeles, WA - Mountain and Cold Weather
  • 2005 (2 courses) - El Paso, TX - Desert & Hot Weather; Port Angeles, WA - Mountain and Cold Weather
  • 2006 - (1 course) - El Paso, TX - Desert & Hot Weather
  • 2007 - (2 courses) - Port Angeles, WA Mountain and Cold Weather & Puerto Rico; Tropical Survival
  • 2008 (1 course) - El Paso, TX Desert & Hot Weather
  • 2009 (1 course) - Puerto Rico, Tropical Survival
  • 2010 (1 course) - El Paso, TX Desert & Hot Weather
  • 2011 (1 course) - Puerto Rico, Tropical Survival

Emergency Response International - DHS: CBP OAM & USCG Rescue Swimmers 

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