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This program is popular with many CERT communities. It offers practical skills to augment their CERT emergency response training.

These critical “how to” survival skills are covered in detail: Pre-trip Preparation; PMA; Energy Use, Loss & Conservation; Maintaining 98.6° Body Temperature; Clothing and Equipment; Recognizing Real Emergencies; Survival Priorities; Shelters; Fire; Signaling; Improvisation; Water & Food; Medical Emergencies & Environment Injuries; Sanitation; and Survival Equipment & Kits.

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CERT/First Responder Outdoor Survival Workshop: Protecting Yourself While Rescuing Others

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Most first responders don’t hesitate to help others suffering a catastrophic event. But how do we make sure the rescuer is personally protected, especially over the long haul when outside help doesn’t arrive for hours, or even days? One of the most effective ways is to learn the critical survival skills that help keep outdoor adventurers comfortable, safe and alive. This seminar discusses how a Positive Mental Attitude and maintaining 98.6° gives a person the best chance for survival when faced with any type of emergency.