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Beginning in 1967, Tim and his various companies have been featured in several major newspaper articles. First covering all aspects of survival, and more recently, coverage of his bike tours, especially Odyssey 2000. In fact, Odyssey had dozens of worldwide articles before during and after the epic journey. Here is a list of some of the coverage:

  • 1967

       Survival Course Taught at Panhandle Lake. Shelton-Mason County Journal, March 30, 1967

  • 1970

       Survival test no picnic, class finds. Seattle Times -.First civilian course run through Central Washington College, 1970

  • 1971

       If You Wake Up in the Morning, You’ve Survived. Hill Williams, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 23, 1971
       ISE and Survival Training, Signpost, by Louise Marshall, 1971

  • 1972

       Knives Only Tools: Teachers to Try Surviving in Wilderness, Seattle Times, June 13, 1972
       Class helps endangered hikers, by Louise Marshall, Outlook August 9, 1972
       Sixkiller, Brimhall-Husky gridders-adapt to woods, by Dick Rockne, The Seattle Times, Aug 20, 1972

  • 1975

       Desert Survival, Field & Stream - May 1975
       Don't panic, go hug a tree, by Claudia Hansen, Everett Herald, June 28, 1975
       Survival Students Learn To Rough It. Crosswind USNAS Whidbey Island, WA , Aug 22, 1975
       You can live though a Minnesota Winter, by Mike McCabe, Minneapolis Star, Nov 21, 1975
       Outdoor Survival Seminar and Kneeland Interview, MRFAA (Minnesota Rescue and First Aid Association) - Voice of 

       MRFAA Newsletter - Nov 1975

  • 1976

      Outdoor Survival Seminar/Workshop report/comments, Voice of MRFAA Newsletter - March 1976
      Survival teacher stress attitude, University of Minnesota Daily, Oct 7, 1976
      If your feet get cold, put on your hat and other things, by Richard McFarland, UPI, St Paul Dispatch, Dec 11, 1976
      Communique: OM Annual Newsletter of the School of PE, Recreation and Health Education, 1976-1977
      Making the most of cold, UM, Division of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies, 1976-1977

  • 1977

       Wildlands Living, University of Minnesota, St Paul Campus, St Paul paper, March 29, 1977

  • 1979

       Winter Survival: Positive Mental Attitude is the Key, by John Weiss, Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN Jan 8, 1979
       If you’re lost, stranded in winter, keep calm-and use the STOP system, by Ben Kern, Minneapolis Tribune, Outdoors,

       Nov 4, 1979

  • 1980

       Loaned Executive Program, ASTD's Fumarole, Oct 1980

  • 1981

       Walking in the woods…You leave no sign that you were there, St Paul Dispatch, Aug 7, 1981
       Function, not form, key to winter dressing. Minnesota Daily, Nov 25, 1981

  • 1982

       Survival specialist tells ‘living secrets, Worthington, MN Daily Globe, Feb 2, 1982
       Novice camper tackles tough terrain of Isle Royale for charity and for herself. North Hennepin Post, etc., Nov 11, 1982
       Winter Camping, The St Paul Dispatch, Dec 17, 1982

  • 1983

      Backpacking can be “time out” rather than hard time, Outdoors, Minneapolis Tribune, June 19, 1983

  • 1984

       Survival expert: Proper attire, PMA make icy days safe, fun, by Anne Tyler, Independent, Marshall, MN. Jan 26, 1984
       Trekking in Washington State, Tri-Island International Bicycle Trek, by Hu Slack 1984\

  • 1985

       Winter Survival, Washington Ski Touring Club Nordic News, Jan 3, 1985

  • 1983 - 2001

       Cycling Events - Most were covered extensively in US and Canada from 1983 through 2001

  • 1996 - 2001

      Odyssey 2000 - Dozens of newspapers, magazines and broadcast media interviews and presentation around the world,

      including Time, T-V Guide, Wingtips Cover and article (Comair Delta Connection, Sep/Oct 1998), etc. 1996 through


Newspaper and magazine coverage of courses and events

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