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This presentation covers the basic elements of survival everyone should know: necessities of life; body's enemies; psychology of handling stressful situations; physiology of heat, cold, immersion, altitude, and water loss; energy balance; trip preparation; emergency sheltering; building fires in difficult conditions; electronic and simple signaling techniques; procuring and sanitizing water; and putting animal and insect threats into perspective. The goal, of course, is building a more responsible and self-reliant wilderness user.

Enjoying  adventures in the wilderness should never be a life and death situation. Perhaps an inconvenience, but rarely life and death. So, then, what does it take to survive outdoor emergencies. Obviously, understanding the basics of pre-trip preparation, setting realistic travel goals, and setting

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Survival Basics: Staying Alive During Outdoor Emergencies

out knowing you are prepared for any  unexpected emergency helps keep all types of emergencies in perspective. And when they do occur, what are realistic actions you and your companions can take to insure your challenges remain an inconvenience versus a life or death emergency.

The tried and true basics for surviving any wilderness or outdoor emergency. A must for all outdoor adventurers.