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Eastern Washington University

Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Business & Client Comments...

“Tim Kneeland is an outstanding survival instructor.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in aviation survival techniques, he is very patient explaining these skills to his students.”

Office of Air and Marine, Survival Training Coordinator
Jan 31, 2014

"Tim is a true professional and will totally impress you with his effortless instruction. Year-after-year, he keeps our Emergency Training class fresh and interesting. Tim goes that extra mile to provide excellent documentation and videos that support his subject and does it all with ease. As a Corporate Flight Attendant for over 20 years, he makes our yearly class something to look forward to. Many, many thanks to Tim and Corporate Air Parts for this great training opportunity."

Deborah Puopolo, Corporate Flight Attendant & Educator
Creator & Instructor, Corporate Air Part’s Cabin Services Class
Los Angeles, CA.

Comments from those who have worked with and know our work

"Since 1998, I’ve worked with Tim Kneeland on six continents of the world. The most memorable was volunteering to work Tim’s Odyssey 2000 around the world bicycle trip for an entire year. I came to respect his uncanny and unique ability to work with all types of personalities, under extreme stress for weeks, even months at a time. I was also always amazed about the logistics required to plan and execute a trip for 280 people traveling through 43 countries for an entire year.

Recently Tim invited me to attend an all day survival seminar he taught in Los Angeles. I’m a retired school teacher, so I can say without a doubt, Tim is one of the best instructors I have ever seen. Tim came well prepared and is obviously up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. He uses stories and humor to make important points and uses plenty of well selected audio-visual materials. The eight hour course literally flew by. Thanks Tim."

Pierre Carrière
Retired School Teacher
Abbotsford, BC, Canada

IHS-in His Service Training

"Tim Kneeland is a one of a kind instructor.  As the former Director of the Primary Aviation Survival School, I’ve worked with Tim since 2004.  He is literally one of the most knowledgeable survival instructors in the world.  Tim’s ability to train personnel on aviation safety and survival is outstanding.  Tim teaches straight forward information on survival techniques that can be mastered by anyone during the course of his instruction.  And he delivers them in an interesting and entertaining manner. These techniques could literally save your life.  In my current position as CEO of IHS Training, I look forward to the opportunity to working with Tim again.”

Corporate Air Parts

Corporate Flight Attendant & Cabin Services Educator

Neil Looy, Founder & President
Corporate Air Parts dba CAPS Aviation

Van Nuys, CA

Several Client Testimonials Here

"Every few years you get to know a truly exceptional instructor who is bright, energetic, and totally engaging. Tim Kneeland is that instructor. Tim teaches very high quality survival classes that entwine the real world of surviving in harsh environments with a proper dose of humor.  His background is amazing and full of experience, from teaching aircrew members during the Vietnam War to teaching federal agents the essentials of outdoor survival skills and a lot more. He has taught a variety of survival courses from coast to coast and overseas. He is the "best of the best" of survival instructors, or any educator for that matter, setting the bar very high for all other instructors to follow."

Paul Green, Professor
Department of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation

Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA.

"In 2008, I asked Tim if he’d be interested in teaching Corporate Air Part’s FAA 135.331 Crewmember Emergency Training classes, which is an annual requirement for charter aircraft pilots and flight attendants. Tim’s military, government and civilian survival and teaching background made him a natural fit. He was instantly up to speed and continually works to improve the course. He has taught thousands of students in his unique and entertaining style and continually receives outstanding ratings. Tim knows how to grab a group’s attention and deliver a fast paced, 8-hour program, continually exceeding student’s expectations. He also delivers theAmerican Heart Association's very important Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED course oriented to aviators.

Tim is an extremely reliable staff member. He is well liked, respected by the staff and takes his job seriously. We are pleased to be working with Tim and look forward to many more years of a positive and productive relationship." Read a pdf of his testimonial here.

Brian Webb, CEO
IHS Training, LLC
Guntersville, AL

Canadian Educator and Adventurer

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