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Many people get their basic survival and outdoor knowledge from television, out-of-date books and poorly researched articles, often published in respected magazines. Can you really make a natural shelter from tree limbs and boughs? Are fire bow and drills, rifles, or magnifying glasses realistic fire starting tools? Is a lighter, match or a "metal match" a more reliable fire starting device? Does a thin space type blanket really offer protection from the elements? Should you stay put or try to walk out? Is adrenaline an effective aid for survival or does it have to be checked? Should I drink my urine? When should I worry about food and water. This presentation puts survival into perspective and helps to cull the BS from survival knowledge.

There is too much BS survival information. Magazines, books, newspapers and television series often spread false, misleading or dangerous survival information. This seminar helps sort out fact from fiction, truth from rumor, and reality from entertainment.

Exploding Popular Outdoor Beliefs