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Aviation Oriented American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid Course (1-day)

Oct 4, 12, 18 & 25, 2016. ($195.00). Two year AHA certification designed specifically for aviators and includes the "Survival Medicine" concepts necessary for those beyond the "golden hour". However, course are open to anyone.

Crewmember Emergency Training - FAR 135.331 (one day)

Sep 21, Oct 5, 13 & 26, 2016. ($525.00). Required annually for Charter Aircraft Pilots and Flight Attendants. Open to the public.

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CAP's Flight Crew Training

Popular Presentations

The following topics can be introduced in an hour or expanded as much as need, time and finances allow. Click on each title for more information.

Disaster & Outdoor Survival… Designed for those wishing to be more self-sufficient when faced with, or helping others, during a disaster.

Wilderness Survival…For outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Working Outdoors Safely…For businesses and organizations with outdoor workers exposed to heat, cold and inclement weather.

Aviation Survival…Understanding your best chance for surviving an off-field landing and applying the correct post-crash survival techniques until rescued.

Water Survival…This session is designed to put the challenges of cold water survival into perspective for mariners and boaters.

International Travel…Directed to those traveling, volunteering, working or living overseas.

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Tim Kneeland, President


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  • CERT & Emergency Responder Outdoor Survival
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  • Arctic, Temperate, Desert, Tropical & Sea Survival
  • Aviator’s Pre & Post Crash Survival
  • SWET (Shallow Water Egress Training)
  • Outdoor Worker Safety
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Over five decades, Survival Educators has grown to become one of the most experienced resources for learning about wilderness survival, outdoor safety and natural disasters. We guarantee to deliver a program that is relevant to your audience, fast-paced, timely and presented in a professional and interesting manner.


My career began as an USAF Survival Instructor (SERE-Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape) during the Vietnam era. In 1970, I founded the Institute for Survival Education, the predecessor of Survival Educators. Since then, I’ve worked with a small team of elite, seasoned and highly talented educators (former SERE instructors, USAF pilots, and SAR specialists) delivering top quality presentations and programs to government, business, emergency responders, non-profit and general audiences around the world.

Survival Educators

Corporate Air Parts (CAP's) Flight Crew Training

SOS Outdoor Survival Workshop

Oct 8, 2016  8 am to 5 pm ($75.00)

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